Lost another ES in March


This one went under the radar as it happened at an uncontrolled airfield. The NTSB nor the FAA have investigated this incident but we may have learned the background story of this incident. Apparently they were doing low approaches until after sunset looking for the airfield. Supposedly a local with a pick up truck illuminated down the runway. The floated and landed long. Guy in pickup says to them they might consider a go around but they reply they got it. Subsequently they went off the end. Claimed brake failure….


Claiming no injuries but

Claiming no injuries but heard pilot or instructor cracked sternum and facial injuries. 

Looks like they were very

Looks like they were very fast for landing an ES.  And unstable as well.  If the FA info is correct.

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0 time in make and model

0 time in make and model doesn't make sense if he had prior braking distance knowledge. 

The pilots statement

The pilots statement regarding runway length and braking ability seems to refer to that runway on that airport. But, it doesn’t reference that airplane. He could’ve been relying on his past experience in a different airplane?  If that’s the case, zero time in type could be correct. 

Very unfortunate. I recall

Very unfortunate. I recall seeing this one for sale around the time I bought mine (Dec 2021). Bad news for the new owner(s).