Flight Training Prerequisites

As the Owner or Operator of an aircraft to be used in training, please complete the following and provide the specified documents to the Lancair Owners and Builders Organization, Inc (LOBO) as indicated below. LOBO must receive these documents before your flight training begins.

  1. Your insurance provider MUST list your instructor as an additionally insured or named pilot prior to conducting your training.
  2. If your insurance requires a LOBO endorsed training certificate, please contact your agent and ask if they would provide an endorsement to your insurance that names Lancair Owners and Builder's Organization, Inc. (LOBO) and its Board Of Directors (BOD) as an Additional Insured and if applicable also provide a Waiver of Subrogation. If possible, you may also ask if your instructor could be named as an additional insured as well. Depending on each state, where allowed this insurance should be primary and without any right of contribution from any other insurance to the extent permitted by the insurance policy. Please understand LOBO does not wish to deny/restrict access to instruction to any person whether they have insurance or not. You should also understand your ground/flight instruction is a private contract agreement between you and your flight instructor. LOBO does not schedule or recommend any particular instructor for your training needs.

NOTEInsurance agents should be familiar with these requests.

  1. Prior to flight training you must execute and provide to your instructor the Pilot/Aircraft info., Pilot in Command Policy, and Hold Harmless Agreement (these forms will be provided to you by your LOBO flight instructor).


  1. Before arriving to fly, you, as owner and/or operator, must verify the aircraft is airworthy and in compliance with FAR 91 Subpart E – Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance and Alterations, to include all equipment and inspection requirements. Your instructor, at his sole discretion, may ask for additional information in advance regarding the condition of your aircraft. These items may include actual scanned copies of logbook entries and airworthiness certificates.


  1. Prior to training, you must supply your instructor with the following documents (which your instructor will verify):
    • A copy of your drivers license
    • A copy of your pilot certificate
    • Emergency contact information
    • A copy of your medical certificate
    • Complete the LOBO Initial Training Registration form
    • Complete and sign the LOBO Hold Harmless agreement

IF you are being trained in your aircraft, also provide copies of the following documents

    • Airworthiness Certificate
    • Current Pitot/Static/Altimeter Check
    • Copy of the current completed conditional inspection checklist and signoff

6. The following items must be on board the aircraft:

    1. Airworthiness certificate
    2. FAA approved operating limitations
    3. Registration certificate
    4. Pilot’s Operating Handbook (POH)
    5. Weight and balance information

Enjoy your training!

For questions/comments about this notice contact George Rosel at  g.rosel [at] lancairowners.com.