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Have you ever wished there was a starting point to get an answer to questions about your Lancair aircraft? Well you can stop wishing; you've found it! This page contains a list of resources to help you answer most of the questions you ever had about operating and maintaining your Lancair aircraft. Below you'll find a ready reference for vendors, service providers and volunteers that can help you find parts, provide maintenance, get insurance and provide flight training for your Lancair aircraft, whether you built it or bought it. (Check back often as this page is updated as new resources become available.)

Airworthiness Certificate and Operating Limitations

Your Lancair is classified as an Experimental-Amateur Built (E-AB) aircraft. Along with the Airworthiness Certificate, the FAA issued unique Operating Limitations that specify how the aircraft may be used. Your Lancair is not airworthy unless you have a copy of these FAA-issued documents in the aircraft. There are a few requirements and limitations for these Experimental/Home-Built aircraft that are different from those for commercially certified General Aviation aircraft. Be sure you read and understand these requirements and use limitations. Replacing these documents is difficult, so if you are buying a used Lancair be sure you get them as part of the title transfer.

Operation/Maintenance Manuals

Each Lancair is hand-built to the builder’s specifications, so no aircraft is exactly like another. There are no "factory-approved" operating and maintenance manuals for your aircraft--and none are required. Buyers should ask for the builder-developoed operating manual and maintenance guides—especially operation and inspection checklists. Buyers should also ask for the construction manuals, as they normally contain valuable annotations made by the original builder. As a last resort, you may request example documents from LOBO which you may use as the basis for developing your own.


Factory Service/Parts

Lancair International, Inc. is the best source of parts for your aircraft, and its technical team is a good place to start if you have detailed mechanical and/or construction questions. You can contact Lancair online: . Their online parts shop can be reached through this link:

Service Bulletins

Although Service Bulletins (SB's) are not mandatory for E-AB aircraft, ignoring them can be dangerous to your health--and the safety of your Lancair. Service bulletins contain guidance for aircraft owners about equipment upgrades, procedures and techniques aimed at improving safety. At the very least you should review each SB for applicability to your aircraft and mission, and document this review in the aircraft log book; no matter what action you took on it. You may obtain copies of all Service Bulletins for your aircraft from Lancair International, Inc. As SB's are not mandatory FAA compliance items for E-AB aircraft, they are not maintained or referenced through any FAA publication. Lancair is the authoritative (and only) source. You can check all the Lancair service bulletins, and find builder manuals and some of the POH's HERE

Service Bulletins by Aircraft Type

Here are some shortcuts to get to those SBs which are specifically for your aircraft type:

235 Through 360 Models


IV/IVP Models

ES and ES-P Models


To remain airworthy, E-AB aircraft require an annual "condition inspection," which should be based on an aircraft-unique inspection checklist. If you do not have a Repairman’s Certificate for your aircraft, this inspection must be conducted by a FAA-licensed A&P mechanic. A mechanic with Inspection Authorization (IA certificate) is not required as is the case for commercial GA aircraft. To be most effective and useful, this inspection should be tailored to the specific operating limitations, modifications and installed equipment of your aircraft. Click here for FAA guidance on condition inspections.

Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA)

EAA ( is an international organization of homebuilders, antique aircraft restorers and aviators from every walk of life. With more than 168,000 members and more than 1000 local Chapters worldwide, EAA is a very valuable source of information and expertise about all E-AB aircraft. EAA's top-notch Mentor, Tech Advisor and Flight Advisor programs are available to members, as is AirVenture, the association's annual fly-in and airshow held each July at Whitman Field, Oshkosh, WI.

Other Resources on the World-Wide Web

Although Lancair International is your best source for unique Lancair parts, there are other good sources for common aviation hardware. The following companies carry large selections of common components, hardware, airframe parts, avionics, building/repair supplies and pilot supplies:

Another common homebuilder trick is to search the web for the company on the product label of your broken part. You'll need to use all of these sources, and more, to keep your Lancair flying over the years.

Communicating With Fellow Lancair Owners

LancairLive is the Lancair Owners and Builders Organization online discussion platform. Check the red tab on the main menu to access LancairLive. You can register for notifications for any or all of forum updates on a daily basis. LOBO members have access to exclusive content on LancairLive. We provide device-searchable access to photos, YouTube videos and more, designed to facilitate communication among members of the Lancair community including owners, Lancair Intl., builders, suppliers, prospective builders and people looking for more information. All models are represented from the 200 series up to the newest Evolution. Registered users can get quick answers, helpful hints, engage in discussions on matters that are relevant to the community and request a daily email digest of the latest forum posts. Lots of other features are available, and users from all over the world are now online. Participation is free, but requires registration. 

LancairTalk is also an optional web-based, information sharing forum for Lancair owners. Please understand LancairTalk is not affiliated with LOBO and is independently owned and operated. 

Flight Training for Lancair Aircraft

Lancair aircraft are very easy to fly, but have unique flight characteristics that are significantly different from other General Aviation aircraft. They tend to be more pitch-sensitive, and have much lighter stick forces than other GA aircraft. This results in an almost universal tendency for new pilots to over control the aircraft, especially in pitch. Pilot-induced pitch oscillations (PIO) during takeoff and landing is a very common error--and the source of many accidents--for new Lancair pilots. Lancairs have a higher wing loading than other GA aircraft, which means they land faster and require more altitude to recover from a stall; typically 2,000' or more. These are but a few of the many reasons you are strongly encouraged to seek model/type-specific flight training before soloing in your new Lancair. There are several ways to do this; below are three good options.


LOBO maintains FITS-approved flight training syllabi for all models of Lancair aircraft as well as a list of qualified/approved independent flight instructors. For more information click here to contact LOBO.

Elite Pilot Services 

EPS has the most experienced group of Lancair and Evolution flight instructors in the country. Their services include phase one flight testing, return-to-service check flights, initial and recurrent training, endorsements, ferry service, upset recovery training and basic formation training. EPS also provides expert training for emergency procedures and VFR/IFR instruction for operating all of today's most popular advanced cockpit avionics systems. For more information contact Dani Hebener at:  Info [at],  Phone: (541) 314-4EPS (4377)



The increasing difficulty of finding adequate, affordable insurance for Lancair aircraft was one of the driving forces behind LOBO's inception in 2008. LOBO recognizes that affordable insurance is a looming issue confronting many Lancair owners. This is why LOBO promotes regular training and use of the LOBO training materials which are available on the website at no cost. LOBO continues to advocate for Lancair owners with the insurance industry.

Maintenance, Inspection, Repair and Builder's Assistance

As the owner, you are allowed to work on, repair and maintain all parts of your E-AB aircraft. Authorization, however, does not imply qualification, and you must approach this responsibility with diligence and humility. Maintaining and repairing complex avionics, powerplants and other systems installed on Lancair aircraft requires specialized training and skill. LOBO advises you seek the assistance and/or oversight of an aviation professional as you become familiar with maintaining your aircraft. There are a number of small companies that provide inspection, repair and general maintenance of Lancair aircraft around the country. LOBO does not specifically endorse any of them, but the following have provided quality service over many years to our Lancair fleet and owners. Contact them directly for expert advice and help with your Lancair aircraft. LOBO recommends you review our guidelines for working with these specialists before contacting them. Click here.

Advanced Aviation

Located at the Bend airport, Advanced Aviation is a trusted name in assisting builders in the construction of experimental aircraft. From the start of the build process through the airworthiness certification, their extensive experience with Lancair, Evolution and other aircraft kits allows them to help get these aircraft off the ground quickly, reliably, and with the utmost safety in mind. Advanced Aviation offers custom aircraft painting, custom upholstery/interior and provides aircraft maintenance including annual condition inspections, precision propeller balancing, and weight & balance determination. Advanced Aviation also has an avionics shop to help with avionics upgrades and maintenance. Contact Aaron Brook at 541-330-5817 or email aaron [at]

Airframe and Instrument Systems, Inc.

Located at the Redmond, OR airport, AI systems, owned by Jon and Fred Hadlich, offers maintenance services, builder assist services, aircraft modifications and more. Contact them at info [at] or by phone at 541-316-3653.

Airframes Inc.

Airframes Inc. is the longest continually-operating Lancair build assist and maintenance center in the US. They have extensive experience with all Lancair models, including early 235’s and 320’s. They offer service and advice on all models of Lancair and Evolution aircraft. Services offered include 51% compliant build assist, composite repair and fabrication, interior panel fabrication and custom upholstery, pre-buy and condition inspections, firewall forward, avionics installation and repair, and award-winning body and paint work. They are also the South’s only Lancair-approved insurance inspection facility. Located at Trenton/Gibson County Airport (TGC), you can contact Brad Simmons via phone, 731-686-3610, or email: Brad [at]

Cascade Aircraft Management

Cascade Aircraft Management is a full service aviation maintenance facility with a dedicated team for professional build assists, scheduled inspections, avionics, maintenance, paint and interior work. And as a new FAA-approved repair station, CAM can customize any avionics panel to meet your needs. For information email info [at], or call 208-649-5106.

Continental Motors Services

A significant majority of Lancair aircraft fly behind Continental Motors aircraft engines. These are sophisticated power plants that require periodic tuning and adjustments, especially the fuel system. Continental Motors Services offers a wide range of assistance, from parts and minor maintenance to complete overhaul of both Continental and Lycoming engines. Contact the Continental Technical Services team at CMTechnical [at], or call 1-888-826-5465 or 251-438-3411.

Flight Metrics

Located at the Redmond airport, Flight Metrics has assisted in over 20 Evolution builds and numerous Lancair projects. They offer a full complement of experienced A and P, AI personnel and work closely with paint and interior shops to assist their customers to build, modify, restore or maintain their aircraft. Contact Kaisha or Matt Brannon HERE, or call 541-728-3677.

Performance One Aviation

Performance One Aviation enjoys the reputation as one of the most knowledgeable and long-standing facilities of its kind for professional builder assistance and service for experimental aircraft. Many of their employees have been with them since the company started up more than 25 years ago. They have extensive build, repair & maintenance experience on every model of Lancair, and pride themselves on being an approved Lancair insurance inspection facility. They are conveniently located in the Phoenix metro area at Falcon Field Airport, Mesa, Arizona. For more information call 480-924-9750.

RDD Enterprises

RDD Enterprises (Research. Design. Develop.) is a full-service aviation business for high-performance composite aircraft including: construction assistance, maintenance, inspections, interior completion, paint and special projects. RDD focuses on meeting and exceeding customer expectations by staying on budget within the planned timeframe while maintaining the highest level of quality. Phone: 541-504-0305.


Last, but not least, is the Lancair Owners & Builders Organization. LOBO is an invaluable resource and advocate for Lancair builders, owners and pilots. We have the expertise and contacts to help you learn to build, fly and maintain your Lancair aircraft more safely and professionally. LOBO's eNewsletter (LOBO eNews), and our website are chock full of useful maintenance, safety, training and other information specific to your aircraft. If you can't find an answer to your question or help for your problem using one of the above resources, click here to contact LOBO.