LOBO Landing Agenda Updates as of March 30

LOBO Landing Speakers and Events List 2021

(This agenda may change and will also be refined with dates and times before the event. Hopefully this will give you an idea of what topics are planned. Additional presentations may be added as members volunteer to give them (hint hint).  We are working very hard to confirm topics, titles, and speaker bios. As soon as these are finalized, they will be published here. Thanks for your patience and hope to see you at the Landing. Thank you to all members who have graciously volunteered to spend their time developing presentations for all of us.)


Thursday April 22 (9 a.m. through 5 p.m.)

George Rosel, LOBO Member Welcome, Kickoff, Introductions (Thursday morning) 

Jeff Edison “2020 Safety Review” (morning)

Jason Smith, Aerotronics - “How do you design, create and quote an avionics panel?” Jason will create a panel interactively using Xpanel software, with audience inputs, and explain the process and thoughts needed to create a functional, optimal panel. (Thursday morning, may repeat on Saturday afternoon)


Peter Wilkinson, Pratt and Whitney (remote) - “Getting to know your PT6” (afternoon)

TBD, Continental Aero (remote) Piston Engine Management (afternoon)

Diego Lopez, Roxanne Zavala Lancair Int’l company update (afternoon)

Kim Lorentzen, Evolution Aircraft Company update (afternoon)

David Robinson, EPS - Evolution-Specific Forum (afternoon)

Chris Rust - Lancair IV-Specific Forum(afternoon)

Jay Elliott - Lancair 360-Specific Forum (afternoon)

Ray Hecker - Legacy-Specific Forum (afternoon)

TBD- ES Specific Forum, may combine with IV/IVP forum with Chris Rust

Jeff Edison “Introducing LOBO's new training tracking (TRUST) system” (afternoon)

Friday April 23 (9 a.m. through 5 p.m.)

Keynote presentation, all attendees:

Captain Stewart Harro, Fedex Director of Safety, “Elevating Safety; The Limits of Trying Harder”

Bob Pastusek - Landing Gear Maintenance & Servicing Tips (morning)

Aaron Brooks, Advanced Aviation - Special Mods for EVOs, and Lancairs  (morning)


Brian Sagi  “How to Buy a Lancair – things you should know before you buy!” (afternoon)

Tomas Holbrook - "Flying in and around Kodiak Island, Alaska" (afternoon)

Tom Sullivan - Cold Weather Operations (afternoon)

Bill Miller, MD - Aeromedical Factors in High Altitude, High Performance Aircraft (cancelled)

Chris Zavatson (up to five topics below): (Friday afternoon, Saturday afternoon at GVRR)

     - Hydraulic System of the Lancair 2-seaters 

     - Stability and Control  

     - Esco Strut Deep Dive

     -  AoA – Uses and Limitations

     - Energy Dissipation in the Landing Phase

FAA Rep Alan McKinney - topic TBD (afternoon)

Brad Simmons, Airframes, Inc. - Builder Q and A with his "Petting Zoo" (at KHND airport Friday afternoon)

Hangar reception 5-8 pm Lone Mountain Hangar (at KHND)

Builder/Tinkerer Alert!!!!  New! Homebuilt Tool Contest Sponsored by Cleaveland Tools

Friday evening at Lone Mountain Hangar. Be sure bring your best home made, home built aviation tool for a chance to demonstrate it and win $100 worth of merch! Tool should be replicable, not for sale, not patented; extra points for instructions handout or a link to how to make it.

Saturday April 24 (8 a.m. through 3 p.m.)

LOBO General Membership Meeting, Election of Directors (8 a.m.)

Keynote Presentation, all attendees (9 a.m-12 p.m.)

Pete Zaccagnino, High Performance Aircraft Racing CEO, “Get Back to the Green; Aeronautical Decision Making and Weather; Practical Information for Lancair and EVO pilots”  (Pete will also address flying internationally in GA aircraft)

Lunch in Bottiglia

Saturday afternoon: (sessions may run concurrently)

Matt Brannon, Flight Metrics - Build shop Q and A for EVOs and Lancairs 

Why Good Training Matters, Overcoming the Unexpected:

     Steven Bradford - Successful Evolution Emergency Landing

     Mikey “Acid” Slotten - Successful Engine Failure Landing in 360

David Robinson - FAR Review (Friday or Saturday afternoon)

Saturday evening:

Sean D. Tucker, Aerobatic Legend, Title TBD

Non-pilot Events (Judy Pastueek confirming final details now, costs included in guest price)

Partner in Command - Thursday AM, taught by Matt Speare

Brighton Private Shopping - Friday AM

Poolside Lunch - Friday

In-Aircraft Ground Orientation/Training - Friday afternoon at airport (sign up required)

Las Vegas downtown tour - Saturday morning

Tentative - Casino Gaming Lessons; Spa Tour

Meals: (Included in registration price)

Lunch Thursday, at Green Valley Resort hotel, everyone

Lunch Friday at GVR, pilots and sponsors (possibly some box lunch options for those volunteers and instructors headed to airport for the in-aircraft training)

Friday evening reception at Henderson airport (no host bar, snacks sponsored by LOBO)

Saturday lunch at GVR, pilots and sponsors

Saturday banquet, everyone, to include Silent Auction and Keynote Speaker

Possible Additions to be confirmed, extra charges will apply:

Nellis Air Force Base Custom Tour, Sunday morning, includes transportation to and from hotel

Auction Highlights:

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour for 2 donated by Maverick Helicopter Tours

Colorado Copper Mountain Lodge for Three NIghts donated by George and Connie Rosel

Napa Valley Wine Country Two night stay with dinner donated by Craig and Sandy Gainza

Engine Course donated by Continental Aero

Garmin D2 Watch donated by Garmin

737 Simulator Tour and Experience for Three in Denver, donated by United Airlines 

David Clark Headset donated by David Clark Inc.

Tempest Spark Plug Set donated by Tempest Aero

Lord Mounts Set donated by Lord Mounts

Airframes Inc. Prebuy consultation donated by Brad Simmons

Many more items.....