Find A Lancair Flight Instructor

The following independent flight training professionals* offer Lancair-specific initial and recurrent training in the models indicated, and have agreed to use LOBO's FITS-approved training materials. All may be willing to travel to your location for flight training, subject to their professional work schedules:

Jeff Edwards, AvSafe LLC — IV-Series and Evolution; McCall, ID; (314) 682-0461(office) (314) 308-6719 (cell); vtailjeff [at]

Bob Jeffrey — All Lancair Models; Phoenix, AZ; (541) 350-2336; bjeff10338 [at]

Mel Hill — All Lancair Models; Portland, OR; (503) 778-0071; hill8550 [at]

Raymond Hecker, Academy Aeronautique, LLC — 300-Series and Legacy-Series; Mission Viejo, CA; (949) 951-6784 (T) (949) 636-7922 (cell); rlhecker [at]

Leonard "Sherman" Kearl, Phoenix Flight Test, Inc. - IV Series; Delaware, OH; (669)333-6603; sherman [at]

Chris Reinhart — IV-Series and Evolution; Apex, NC; (361) 215-1711; cwreinhart [at]

Dave Robinson, Elite Pilot Services — All Lancair Models; Redmond, OR; (660) 238-4359; david [at]

Mark Scharf -- IV-series, Rosamond, CA; (406) 799-4766; mscharf [at]

Mike Slotten — 300-Series; Salt Lake City, UT; 310-895-0691; mikeyslotten [at]

Matt Speare — 300, Legacy, and ES Series; Greensboro, NC; 205-422-7621matthewspeare [at]

Ernie Sutter — IV-Series and Legacy-Series; Houston, TX; (281) 364-7514; ernestsutter [at]

Sean Van Hatten, Elite Pilot Services — All Lancair Models; Redmond, OR; (541) 480-7456; SeanVanHatten [at]

George Wehrung — IV & ES-Series; Evolution;  Beaufort, NC;  (619) 578-8353; george [at]

Pete Zaccagnino, High Performance Aircraft Group — All Lancair Models; Park City, UT; (908) 391-2001; pete [at]

*If you are a flight training professional interested in using LOBO's FITS-approved flight training materials contact LOBO via email: info [at], or g.rosel [at]