Continental Engine Set-up and Calibration Equipment

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LOBO is pleased to announce the availability of timing and fuel system calibration kits for normally aspirated (non-turbo) and turbocharged Continental engines. Each kit, co-developed by LOBO & Continental, contains all test equipment and fittings required to properly adjust magneto timing, and to set up the Continental engine fuel system in accordance with Standard Practice For Spark Ignited Engines, Publication M-0. Kits include a set of tie-down straps designed to attach to the main landing gear to safely secure the aircraft during high-power ground runs. George Wehrung has developed a similar kit for fuel system set up only. These kits are available for loan to LOBO members upon receipt of a $500 security deposit. $400 is refundable upon return of the borrowed kit in complete and good condition.

LOBO would like to expressly thank George Wehrung for making his personally developed kit available to fellow members, and  Neal George of Continental Motors for his significant efforts in gathering parts, manufacturing and testing the hardware, and packaging it in a suitable shipping container.

Click here for the kit User's Guide.

Contact Bob Pastusek via email at r.pastusek [at] or by phone, (757) 286-4802, to schedule use of one of these kits.