Factory Service Bulletins

Service Bulletins & Airworthiness Directives

Although Service Bulletins (SB's) and most Airworthiness Directives (AD's) are not mandatory for E-AB aircraft, ignoring them can be dangerous to your health--and the safe operation of your Lancair. Service bulletins for Lancairs are provided by the kit manufacturer and contain guidance for aircraft owners about equipment upgrades, procedures and techniques aimed at improving safety and reliability. They usually represent "lessons learned the hard way," and warrant your careful review. Airworthiness Directives are generally issued by the FAA for certificated aircraft but are occasionally issued for installed equipment. The FAA will not issue AD's for Lancair (experimental) aircraft but may issue them for specific installed equipment. You are not required to observe engine and propellor AD's, but in most cases, it might be prudent to do so. An AD for an installed ADSB transponder that adversely affects the ATC system is a different matter. The wording in these AD's will be very specific as to applicability; and you must comply if so stated. At the very least you should review each relevant SB and AD for applicability to your aircraft and mission, and document this review in the aircraft logbook; no matter what action you take on it. This will enhance the value of your Lancair and save you money down the road. You may obtain copies of all Service Bulletins for your aircraft from Lancair International, Inc. As SB's are not mandatory FAA compliance items for E-AB aircraft, they are not maintained or referenced through any FAA publication. Lancair is the authoritative (and only) source. You can check all the Lancair service bulletins, and find builder manuals and some of the POH's HERE

Service Bulletins by Aircraft Type

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