Share your flight maps

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Attached is a map of the travel destinations that I flew my 360 during the 2021 calendar year.
Looking forward to what 2022 will bring!

Now post yours!

Go to
Click on the white button to the left of 'Map Paths' in the Quick Usage Guide section.
Find the 'Map Controls' text box, clear out the test that's in there and fill in with your own data (Origin-Destination...) 
Press the white button just below that text button to generate the map. You can edit the test in the box if you got something wrong, or want to delete a line
On a PC you can use 'snipping tool' or some other screen grab feature to save the image.


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Hi. You attached the photo to

Hi. You attached the photo to your reply, which requires an extra click to open. If you want to embed a photo directly in the body of your post, click on the top-left icon and upload your photo in the pop-up dialog box.

Here's my Dec 21-May 22 map

Here's my Dec 21-May 22 map so far. Planning to add OSH, Atlanta, and Asheville shortly!