Weight & Balance


In yesterday's Zoom call someone asked about W&B.  Attached is the W&B data I got from Jeff Johnson when buying S/N022 which has a -135A, G900X, no boots and a ballistic chute.  I'd love to see someone else's who has my equipment minus the chute.  The chute is due repacking and I'm considering removing and storing for the next owner if I can pick up substantial W&B gains, which I need.


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Hi Alan:

Hi Alan:

My EVOT is #17. PT6-135A, no boots, G900X. But no parachute. I would be happy to send along my W&B, but everything I know is that there are lots of changes that sort of sneak up on you. Maybe at your next annual, you can have them do a proper job? It isn't too much to get the weights?

Best, Frank Blair

What I recall from flight

What I recall from flight testing the BRS chute and rocket assembly adds about 80 lbs and shifts CG about 1.5” aft. It’s a sizable shift because of the length of the arm.