September Training Fly-in

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Hi Fellow EVOT’ers:


I wanted to report on a recent trip over to Sunriver (S21) to assess the potential there for a great annual training for Evolution pilots and owners. I was in Bend to get my pressurization controller re-installed after overhaul. (It works great!)


Sunriver is 17 NM southeast of KBDN, and somewhat less from the town of Bend. It is a nine square mile resort community, which is mostly a Hyatt resort. For golfers (not me) it is one of the top 100 courses in the US. The airfield is excellent – it has a 5460’ asphalt runway with vast parking and hangers. Jet A is somewhat cheaper that at KBDN.


The resort is absolutely first class. They are in the business of catering to meetings like ours. We will have better food and drinks than at any previous meeting. The airfield is a short bike ride from lodging, the lodging is a short walk from the meeting and eating spaces.


For flight training, we will be able to spend more time on training, and less on getting to the airport, or fighting our way through clouds of helicopter and fixed wing trainers.


Obviously, a great venue doesn’t, by itself, make for a great meeting, but it sure helps. I will keep working with Advanced Aviation and Elite Pilots to ensure that we get the best experts and not commission salesmen.


See you in September! Fly safe!!


Frank Blair

EVO-17 with 1850 hours on her.