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Are there any other alternatives for insurance?  I have insured with Gallagher as my broker from the beginning (2016), just getting liability only.  Last year my premium was $3,851; I got a quote for $15,000 from them today for the same coverage.  I'm not yet considered "old" by insurance standards, have no negative history, have taken the annual refreshers training, etc, etc. 


As far as I know Great

As far as I know Great American is the only carrier writing Evolution insurance.  My broker Tony Rukavina is working on my upcoming policy renewal. At least this year I didn’t get a notice of cancellation, only a letter that indicated a rise in premium.

Likewise for us, I received

Likewise for us, I received the possible increase notice.  I’ve inquired as to what that might be and they don’t know…. So we wait:)

Here is the quote I received.

Here is the quote I received. 

Hull value: $800,000

Deductible: $50,000 in motion and not in motion

Medical payments:  $2500 per occupant

Liability: $1,000,000 / $100,000 per passenger sub limit

Pilot: Donald Sak with annual recurrent training from an approved provider

Annual premium: $37,425


It's essentially the same premium while reducing your hull coverage from $1,000,000 down to $800,000. 


Liability only would be $13,000


The premium with a $1,000,000 hull value would be $43,625


I asked Tony to get a quote for hull coverage for ground, not in motion coverage.  I’ll see what they say.

Don, have you tried Joe Ryan

Don, have you tried Joe Ryan on "the other site"?

He got me liability only on my IVP for $750/yr.  I'm 73 and my Gallagher coverage from Great American was $15,000 for 2021-2022 and was going up from there when I switched.

Is Joe Ryan in ILLINOIS?  I

Is Joe Ryan in ILLINOIS?  I want to talk to that man, he may be my new best freind…lol. My rates are currently the same as Dons/great American 



I got the same full coverage (hull and liability) from Tony earlier this year for $32,500.  I'm a new Eco owner/pilot but he said it was about 10%-20% less than most because of my total time (19,000 hours and currently a B767 Captain).  It's still nonsense, double that of a Meridian for less hull and liability coverage.  I understand the hull losses play a roll, but Meridian losses happen too.

A 73 year old friend of mine said his TBM900 insurance stabilized this year after 2 years of large increases.  Hopefully it reverses next year.  Meanwhile, training is going to be the key.  Hopefully everyone's doors are fully upgraded soon as well to prevent more door departures.


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Similar story for me. I have spoken with several brokers and they have all told me the market for the Lancair 4P-T’s is currently only available through Great American. 1M liability only is $13,500 per year. The brokers have also told me the underwriters have put all single engine turbines (not just Lancairs) in the same bucket at this time but look for changes in the future. Now, its a waiting game and hopefully with no new claims. We feel LOBO training will eventually have an impact for lower rates. 

… George 

George, Bill, Don

George, Bill, Don

Here is the contact info for Joe. He is actually in MN.  I am very pleased with his effort to find the best solution for me. There were several underwriters that quoted my IVP for him.  That may be the biggest difference in his business from other brokers.  The others seem to claim that only Great American will quote the big Lancairs, but that is clearly not the case.  Hope he can help out the Evo community as well.  Good luck.

Joe Ryan

Aviation Insurance Broker


Direct: 612-294-7215


Wings Insurance

Flying Cloud Airport, 14701 Pioneer Trail, Eden Prairie, MN  55347

tel:  952-942-8800   fax:  952-942-8700   web:  www.wingsinsurance.com


i received this today from

i received this today from Tony R.

The following quote is for ground (in motion) coverage but excludes flight.  Ground coverage to include taxi and run up


$800,000 hull

Deductibles: $50,000 in motion and not in motion

Liability: $1,000,000 excluding passengers

Pilot: Donald Sak with annual recurrent school from an approved provider

Annual premium: $25,905


If you use a $1,000,000 hull the premium changes to $30,225


I had contacted Mr. Ryan and

I had contacted Mr. Ryan and he had no alternatives.  Said only one company is covering Evo’s.