You need an improved setup ...


After running 3 web companies, developing software and creating dozens of websites. I think you guys need some gelp!


Your template is tired

Content needs to be input...

Needs better integration 

The functionality leaves something to be desired.


I think a big issue is pulling a pretty loose group together. Brand recognition, ease of use, notices... all of it needs to be improved dramatically to get people to migrate. I feel like Lancair is poorly organized and certainly not supporting the fleet very much. Considering that the people who own and build them are the marketing evangelists for the products, they need to really help!


I have revised this post because I was critical and if I had thought longer before posting I would have said this instead.


I hope I can convince LOBO to help me by bartering membership, helping with build advice and plans that I have to do something magical for older kits.


You can see some of my work here: 



For web development.





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You should volunteer to take

You should volunteer to take over and run this.  I’m sure the LOBO board would appreciate your expertise. I’m  just glad to have a place where I can voice my opinions and not be worried that I will be banished for offering an opposing view of that from the administrator.

Welcome to LOBOLIve Chris. I

Welcome to LOBOLIve Chris. I am sorry you are disappointed in the site. We hope to have enhancements and more informative content as the discussion evolves. We were able to set this up quickly and on a reasonable budget by using software which was already part of our website; the more our membership posts, the more engaging the forums will be. If you search on the tabs for Maintenance and Articles along the red banner, you will discover years’ worth of detailed information which might be helpful. As Don pointed out, the organization can always use knowledgeable volunteers to assist with website improvements. 

We at Lancair International

We at Lancair International applaud the work that LOBO has done to provide a forum for ALL to communicate without the threat of censorship by an autocratic moderator. In time this forum will develop and mature through rational suggestions offered in the spirit of honest support. Good job LOBO and keep up the good work.



I definitely would parrot what Don and Sandy said above and volunteer to help improve what you think needs fixing. I reached out a while ago to LOBO suggesting we create our own forum that is less “contentious” towards differing opinions. They definitely took my inputs (over many phone calls) as well as a bunch of others and we now have something that helps. 

Chris. Thank you for posting.

Chris. Thank you for posting. Yours is our first negative response to this project. LOBO LIVE is offered complimentary to the public and sponsored by LOBO. As you may be aware, the LOBO organization is 100% staffed by volunteers, generously offering their time- free of charge.  LOBO LIVE is a venue where everyone can come and voice their opinions- we have no agenda other than improving the brand and enhancing safe operations of Lancair aircraft. Walter Mitty is not here.  

Your background in net services could be a great help to the community.  Your critiques show your passion to achieve better. LOBO is looking for members JUST LIKE YOU, to help us achieve better for our Lancair community. Your past experiences show you have the ability to promote change here, for the better. Please join in assisting LOBO to upgrade this project. 

So, I was critical... yes. I

So, I was critical... yes. I am jaded by my experience over at an unnamed forum. Did you know that that site isn't even crawled by Google because it is set up not to...meaning the topics can't be indexed by Google.


That said, I would Argue that a forum isn't very practical in today's mobile heavy world. There are huge challenges in reaching audiences to get them engaged and if the user experience stinks, you're off to a rocky start.


I will discuss the website with whomever is in charge of it and offer advice, suggestions and recommendations for updates to the 21st century.


I just bought two 360's... I'll need help for sure and am willing to help the community in return. 


That unnamed forum chastised me for buying these kits instead of buying a complete one he has for sale. I have been wrist slapped 5-10 times for saying anything he dislikes....which are random and stupid usually. I get the filter on a few. I criticized a price for something. That post never showed up.




I have watched your recent entry into the Lancair Ownership group and WELCOME YOU into our world.  Your excitement and enthusiasm is infectious.  DON’T LOSE THAT!   I’ve also watched your posts on the Lancair Facebook Group and appreciate where you are at today.  It reminds me of 1998 when I ordered my kit!

Thank you for a more moderate approach to LOBO’s attempt to respond to MANY members appealing to LOBO over the last several years to provide an unbiased forum that would give ALL posters access, even those critical of us. 

I look forward to positive improvements to this new forum based on ALL participants willing to embrace the intent of this venture, providing honest and open advice, to a forum owned and managed by the actual membership!!

Tom Sullivan  

Newbie Board Member