Gary Reeves to Keynote LOBO Landing 2022 in Asheville


I am pleased to announce that Gary Reeves, author and 2019 National Flight Instructor of the Year, has agreed to speak at our upcoming LOBO Landing in October. Gary has extensive experience instructing pilots in the workings of the IFR environment, and his mantra, "Mastery not Minimums" is at the heart of his message. You can find more about Gary on his WEBSITE. Gary is an expert on Garmin and Avidyne avionics products and knows the ins and outs of many autopilots as well. His book, "Single Pilot IFR Pro Tips" explains his methods for increasing safety margins; both in and out of the IFR system. We are very excited to have his presence at our meeting. 

I recently bought his book

I recently bought his book and enjoyed reading it.  Many good ideas.  Looking forward to hearing him speak on this subject.