My Lancair IV - tie downs


My Lancair IV was built without the threaded receivers that you would normally screw an "eye" bolt into and then secure that, to the tie-down in the tarmac. In just a few weeks, I'll be touring several states and airports in the warmer latitudes, leaving our bird outside for a week to 10 days at each location - obviously, I'll need to secure it.

I'm thinking of purchasing yellow, nylon tow belts - 20-25' long - that are tremendously strong and could be easily looped around the rear empennage, similarly around each wing, without marring the finish, and easily knotted into the tie-down.

OK - somebody out there has a similar issue - what is a better solution?


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Tie downs - LNC4

Oh wow. I have never heard of a Lancair 4  to not have tiedowns. Are you sure they are not there but just got covered up with bodywork?


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Use the gear legs

I've had this problem with several aerobatic aircraft. Rather than trying to run straps around the wings (and between the wings and ailerons?), you could loop them around the main gear legs.

This doesn't solve the problem of the tail, but I'd be less concerned about a strap that goes around the aft fuselage... although I would put something soft like a bath towel between the strap and the aircraft body.

I bet the threaded

I bet the threaded receptacles are there.  I would take it to a build shop and have someone find them for you.  Or take a magnet, (with a cloth over it) , and run under the wing in the typical location to find them.  There’s likely one in the tail as well.  If not, I would have them installed.  Most of us unscrew the eyelets and keep them in our tie down kits.