Looking for fuel caps for IV-P


Safety first is right.  Last week, an unfortunate combination of inexperienced fueler and inexcusable lapse of thoroughness on my part resulted in the loss of both my fuel caps. 

Pictures attached.  These did not come with the kit and we can't remember where we got these caps.  I'm not finding them online.  They are not the ones that came with the kit. If anyone recognizes them, please let me know.  If you can point me to replacements, that would be super.

Thanks and, needless to say, this is one of those things that will NEVER happen to me again  :-(


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Here are pictures of my fuel cap. 
it’s called a Newton Aero 300 Locking fuel cap and is available fm Aircraft Spruce. It appears it might be available in two sizes, so you’ll want to check your opening size.  Good luck!!

Bob P


Thanks, Mike.  That's closer

Thanks, Mike.  That's closer than I've been able to find.  Can you send me a link or say what, exactly, you searched on?