Looking for a good ES or Super ES


Dear group,

Husband and wife are seriously looking for a well-built ES to use for our cross-county travel plane. For the right ES or Super ES, we have funds ready, no need to wait for or qualify for financing. Please contact James or Rebecca if you have such a plane you are willing to part with or know of a good plane we should consider.

Thanks in advance, 

James & Rebecca Munafo



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James & Rebecca,

James & Rebecca,

Thanks for logging in to our new forum. Hopefully you will find results here or at least get some referrals. Good luck with your search!


George Rosel

LOBO President


There's at least one Canadian

There's at least one Canadian ES on Controller right now. It's a G3X suite and dual door. I know the pilot who flies for that owner. Send me a text if you need contact info. 

Ryan (801-391-3896)

James, I know we have spoken

James, I know we have spoken in the past.  There are not many of these ES' running around.  That guy in Canada whom I have spoken to lost his medical.  Frank Faria.  I thought he had it sold.  He told me he was listing it with Paul to broker so you might see the listing on Lancair Talk.  It is only one of 3 ES' with a right side door.