Canopy open on Takeoff


From: JON ADDISON <jraddison [at]>
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Subject: Canopy open on Takeoff
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2014 13:34:26 -0500
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When I completely upgraded my panel and most of the aircraft wiring, I added a red warning light and circuit from Spruce (part 17-410) for $4.95 and a squat-type switch from Lancair for under $10.    The light only goes out when the canopy transverse activation rod is over center.
The light is located about 5 inches from the airspeed indication in the Dynon Skyview and is totally prominent during takeoff roll.    Is it infallible ?, no, if the closing handle is all the way down the light will goes out.    However if the handle is all the way down before the canopy comes down, the dogs don't allow the canopy to close the last 3."
This is a half day job (full day with coffee and drop-ins).
Every Lancair should have one period, and I feel guilty that it took 3 years of flying the Lancair to finally put it in.
Personally, I would be very cautious about any safety latch that a rescue team would have trouble finding to pull me out of a crash landing.
And yes too, for the handle,  I drilled half inch holes, epoxied in phenolic plugs and then drilled out for a brushed ss handle.
And my highly tailored Cigars checklist, has C for Controls, Canopy and Camber (flaps), plus a final "flow" to check 6 items upon taking the runway.
Just my approach, not for everyone.
Jack Addison
360 MK II, pretties girl on the airport!

free pics for switch installation if you email me.