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Welcome any and all to the new LX7 forum where comments and questions about this IV-P/IV-PT variant are found.  The LX7 is considered a LNC4 for flight-planning and insurance purposes but does have some mods specific to the aircraft.  I spent most of 2020 in Redmond, OR building my piston LX7 and am the builder of record and hold the repairman certificate for my serial number 014.  There are close to 20 LX7s flying today with about 70% of them being turbines (PT6A-20-135).  This is the place to contribute or ask questions.

Welcome Andy! I reached out

Welcome Andy! I reached out to RDD recently to tell them about the new forums and hope they will utilize it to communicate with LOBO and their customers. The LX7 is a great airplane!

I'm trying to reel RDD into

I'm trying to reel RDD into the forum as well.  Although I've built one, I don't know the airplane as well as the designers of the LX7 mod.

I'm confused, is an LX7 not a

I'm confused, is an LX7 not a converted IV-P?  I was wondering if the convert the IV as well, sorry if im asking a wrong question.


You are correct.   LX7 is a

You are correct.   LX7 is a converted IV.   RDD purchases IV's and converts them.   Usually they are old or damaged a/c that are not in flying condition so there is a lot of rebuilding in the process.   I'm not expert at this but that's my understanding.

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The LX-7 is built at the RDD

The LX-7 is built at the RDD facility in Redmond OR. They take a donor Lancair 4P (PSI aircraft only) and completely rebuilt with new wings, tail section, interior, piston or turbine, ballistic parachute, etc. etc. It pretty much becomes a different airplane. The donor aircraft is not required to be in flying condition but it must have had an airworthiness certificate at some point in its past.

Since RDD has made so many changes they do not consider it a Lancair anymore. After this conversion, it is now an LX-7. Fantastic airplane!!

Hope this helps!


George Rosel, LOBO President

Thanks for the information, I

Thanks for the information, I love the LX7 piston version but at there cost I would buy something else.

FYI, RDD don't consider it a

FYI, RDD don't consider it a Lancair anymore but the airplane retains its original type certificate so the FAA and any insurance company will still consider it a Lancair IV-P.  There are some noticeable differences between the LX7 and a IV-P that extends beyond the ballistic parachute, new wing, and new tail.  The LX7 is one of the few composite aircraft that can have the wing totally replaced yet still retain the same stall and high speed flight characteristics.  My LX7 (serial number 014) has had the wing replaced after approx 25-hrs and it flew exactly the same. I'm hoping this fact will help drive down insurance prices at some point in the future.

Hi Aerolithium,

Hi Aerolithium,

Are you looking to compare notes with another LX7 turbine owner or getting input as you evaluate the aircraft?  I don't know of a turbine LX7 owner on the forum but might be able to entice some to join based on your post.  If not, I can certainly put you in touch with others.

Looking for someone with

Looking for someone with Chelton avionics experience and tru track autopilot. Have questions on get it to fly the ILS.



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Give me a call at your convenience. 
First question: Has your airplane ever been able to fly an ILS with these avionics? Both the Chelton and TruTrak systems need to be wired and (software) configured to enable this. 
Bob Pastusek