Welcome Evolution Owners


I hope all Evolution Owners, enthusiasts and anyone associated with the Evolution will post here often.  We need to communicate with each other.

Thanks Don! Great to see you

Thanks Don! Great to see you here. I just got cancelled by Paul MiIller yesterday on latalk for posting about training and using the banned word "LOBO"

Welcome orphans

Welcome to the booted from LT club, Jeff.

Miller booted me 6-8 months ago.

I am hopeful this new LOBO forum will pick up speed with the Lancair community.  This is where we should all be.

Kudos to the BOD for getting this going,


New LOBO Forum

This new Forum looks great! Any chance of getting past information off the old site?

I don’t think so.  As long as

I don’t think so.  As long as we all don’t get banned from  LancairTalk you should be able to access it.  You might be able to copy and paste items from there to here.

You’re welcome Guy. LOBO had

You’re welcome Guy. LOBO had so many complaints from members about the other site, we decided to go the extra mile so we could offer our members another, more friendly and open forum where people don’t need to worry about being cancelled. 

It’s nice to see people coming over and embracing the new site. Standby for mor BIG improvements here.