Sunriver Recap

From LOBO President George Rosel:

Our Sunriver Landing was a big success and I wish to thank everyone and also welcome Jeff Edwards back to the BOD.  Despite very difficult Wx conditions of icing, etc., an impressive number of pilots still managed to get there by other means. 

The surprise announcement from the new Lancair Company owners was very well received. Augustine Joseph, the new owner was very enthusiastic and his excitement was contagious. His primary message was to rebuild the company starting with customer service and reestablishing parts availability. Then, move to reproducing the legacy and 4P kits. He very much wants our input and guidance. He also asked to give him a little time to produce a full press release. Based on a separate request he wants us to put together a full list of a LOBO "go to" team with names and contact information.




























Evening banquet making a toast for our new owners of Lancair around the open log fire