Rallying 'round the New Lancair

News and notes from the Texas HQ

by Lancair staff

March 1st marked the first birthday for the new Lancair and the relocation of both the headquarters and the manufacturing operation to Uvalde, Texas. Looking back it was a busy and exciting year. We launched our new product, the Mako at OSH ’17, opened our Builders Assistance Center and started the assembly of the first customer Mako. The growing staff at Lancair approached 15 employees in 2017, with major components of the business spooling up to handle demand. Since then we introduced the Turbo Mako at Sun-N-Fun ’18, the 2-seat Barracuda at Oshkosh ’18, and built our staff to 30 employees. We now have four customer Makos in the build shop, seem to be giving demos on a weekly basis, with great prospects to sell the remaining 8 positions for 2018.  Most importantly, Lancair turned a profit in the 1st quarter of 2018 with similar promise for the balance of the year, putting us on sound financial footing.

AOPA tracks down the Mako

If you subscribe to AOPA Pilot or AOPA's online newsletter, chances are you've seen the upbeat coverage of the Lancair Mako in the June issue. Penned by Dave Hirshman, Editor at Large for AOPA, and beautifully photographed by veteran AOPA photographer Mike Fizer, the in-depth pilot's review of the Mako includes plenty of details about the plane and the new team behind the legendary company. The Lancair team had a great time hosting Dave and Mike for their 2-day fact-finding mission, and introducing Mike to shooting air-to-air images from the rear seat of Mark Huffstutler's venerable T-6 warbird.

Be sure to pick up a copy of AOPA Pilot, or click the link below to view the article and video overview online:


Mako Turbo raises the bar - again

Our new TIO-540 powered Mako made its first appearance a few weeks ago at Lakeland, FL during Sun-N-Fun 2018. Since then, we've begun putting it through its paces and verifying the performance improvements. We're happy to report that it is exceeding our expectations in virtually every area. The 350 horsepower twin-turbo Lycoming engine makes the most of every cubic inch. Up-to-date technology, like electronic fuel injection, dual electronic ignition and twin intercoolers make this a reliable and responsive powerplant.

Our demo/test aircraft, N580L, routinely cruises at 225 knots and achieves a maximum speed of 245 knots at 25,000 ft. With a maximum range of 1100 NM and 1800 fpm climb rate, the Turbo Mako outperforms any comparable new aircraft on the market today. For a detailed comparison with Cirrus, Cessna and Mooney alternatives, check out the new Mako comparison page on our website: http://lancair.com/mako/

We'll continue refining and testing the plane in the weeks to come, and will have more to share at EAA AirVenture in July, including announcements of some new upgrades and options.

Help Inaugurate the Great American Lancair Rally

Preparations are rapidly advancing toward the first-ever Great American Lancair Rally, touring the western US in early Fall of 2018. This first-of-its-kind gathering is a unique opportunity to educate, inform and enjoy a little free time to explore amazing locations in the Western part of the U.S. on your own while enjoying the company of other Lancair enthusiasts along the way. The daily schedule will be flexible, in most locations starting with a ramp walk upon arrival, an evening presentation, morning briefing and TONS of fun and flying!

With a focus on flexibility, participants are free to fly a single leg or the entire 6-leg excursion. Whatever your schedule permits, you'll enjoy sharing stories with fellow owners & pilots, fine-tuning your Lancair skills and discovering America from the air.

The Rally promises loads of fun, fellowship and flying. Visit the Rally website (http://rally.lancair.com/) today, select your schedule on the pre-registration form and join us in launching a new era for Lancair owners.

Meet the Lancair Team: UPCOMING EVENTS 2018

July 23 - 29   |    EAA AirVenture    |    Oshkosh, WI

North Aircraft Lot # 647-648-649

Sept. 12 - 16    |    2018 Reno Air Races    |    Reno, NV

Sept. 24 - Oct 5   |    Great American Lancair Rally    |    Western USA

Starting in Uvalde, TX on Sept. 24

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