LOBO Needs Your Help!


by claudette colwell

Your LOBO Board is in dire need of some LOBO members to step up and assume a few responsibilities. Without some volunteering on the part of our members, we really cannot take on any additional initiatives. How an you help?


We need someone to manage membership registrations and keep the roster current. This is mainly a data entry (?) task.

Site Selection

We have an immediate need for at least two volunteers to select a location for the 2015 Landing. By "immediate" we mean ASAP – so we can get a head start on planning another stellar event for 2015. It’s your event – so please help with the site selection. We often get additional suggestions from members of great ideas, but the five Board members simply cannot take on anymore tasks. If you have one of these great ideas – why not be prepared to execute it in coordination with us?

Write an Article

LOBO is always looking for information worth sharing with our members. If you have a good story why not share it? We've recently posted several excellent member-written articles on the site: Chris Zavatson shared the secrets of nose gear maintenance; John Barrett told us how he handled a puzzling in-flight engine malfunction; and we are working with Jack Morgan and Pete Sinclair on an article about pressurization system maintenance and troubleshooting. Experience is a tough teacher: you get the test before the lesson. Share your lessons with others so they have the knowledge to pass the test.