LOBO Banquet at OSH 2019

Jeff & Claudette Share Their Reactions

Outgoing LOBO President Jeff Edwards and Board member Claudette Colwell have attended MANY EAA AirVenture flyins, and for the past decade they have organized LOBO's AirVenture Banquets. They each have a perspective on this year's AirVenture.


General Aviation is alive and well, and we have EAA’s 2019 AirVenture as proof. AirVenture 2019 was a resounding success, with attendance (642,000!) up from 2018 and 10,000+ aircraft flown in. The 2019 LOBO AirVenture Banquet was a great success as well.  We had a record number of attendees, all of whom enjoyed a captivating presentation by Reno race winner Andy Findlay, complete with a terrific in-the-cockpit view around the race course view with him. You could nearly feel the G forces Andy experienced as he passed competing planes and crossed the finish line with a thrilling victory. The Best Western Premiere Waterfront treated LOBO right again this year, preparing and serving another sumptuous meal—we will definitely work to ensure we get the same host next year! Put AirVenture 2020 on your calendar now and plan on attending the LOBO banquet on Thursday night, July 23, 2020. Plan your visit to Oshkosh next year, and put the 2020 LOBO AirVenture Oshkosh banquet on your calendars now!


AirVenture 2019 is in the history books. If you missed it we had a great time once again in Oshkosh. The weather started out very wet, which prevented parking in the grass through Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately, the campgrounds had lots of water as well. Overall, the temperature was great and the rest of the week was beautiful. EAA reported record crowds!

Our annual AirVenture banquet was a huge success once again with 120 attendees who joined us at the Best Western on Thursday evening. We had LOBO Oz members and guests as well as a table of Scandinavian Lancair owners join us for beverages, dinner and a fascinating talk by 2018 Lancair Reno race winner Andy Findlay. Andy’s talk about the 2018 Sport class Gold race was amazing. He interwove the race, technology and enthusiasm for the sport into a captivating tale that inspired all of us and made the Lancair crowd proud of him and our amazing flying machines. 

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