Legacy Canopy Safety

If you've been following the conversation on Marv Kaye's Lancair Mail List, you are aware that an open canopy inflight has factored in several Legacy accidents, three of which were fatal. Theories abound as to the reasons why an open canopy inflight is so dangerous for the Legacy, but none have yet been proven via flight testing.

LOBO member Valin Thorn recently undertook the task of documenting the various theories in a paper distributed on the LML. In it, Valin has applied his knowledge as an expert in the field of aeronautics to compare and contrast the various theories, and to offer recommendations on the best ways to avoid an open canopy inflight. In addition, Valin offers suggestions on strategies that might help you get your aircraft back on the ground safely should you ever have the misfortune of experiencing an open canopy while flying your Legacy.  

Click to read Valin's paper