Lancair Responds to Questions About Company Focus, Support and Future

LandingLogo2014By any objective measure, the 30th Anniversary Lancair Homecoming held this past August at Lancair HQ in Redmond, OR was a phenomenal success. Attendees were treated to a smorgasbord of Lancairian fun including training, shopping, sightseeing, traveling and sharing a meal or two with great friends.

In what has become one of the highlights of Lancair get togethers, LOBO members had the opportunity to interact with representatives of the many vendors who support and supply our fleet of Lancairs, including the Lancair factory itself.

Lancair sent marketing, manufacturing and leadership representatives to what was probably the most well-attended forum of the weekend. They were there to tell us about Lancair's vision for its future, answer questions and listen to Lancair customer concerns.

Some comments, while always civil, were not exactly supportive. It's no secret that Lancair no longer manufactures a number of older aircraft kits. Some owners of out-of-production aircraft suggested that Lancair's current focus on the Evolution and manufacturing projects not directly supporting Lancair aircraft represents an abandonment of the ideals on which Lancair was built: designing fast, efficient, beautiful, reasonably priced aircraft. Some were also worried about a loss of support for older airframes.

 Lancair President and CEO Bob Wolstenholme responded to those concerns in an open letter to the Lancair community. In it, he expressed his extreme enthusiasm for Lancair and the Lancair community, talked about the financial realities of today's aviation industry and his commitment to keeping Lancair employees at work.

Click here to read the entire letter.