LOBO Landing Asheville -vs- Hurricane Ian

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Dear LOBO Members,

Your LOBO Board of directors are closely monitoring the situation of hurricane Ian as it approaches the United States and moves toward Asheville NC. We will keep everyone informed via this forum as to how this may effect our Landing at Asheville. We all must remember aviation "go/no-go" decisions is the decision of the Pilot-In-Command and they must make that final call.

Please understand LOBO is contractually committed and obligated to all conference expenses for the Landing at Asheville. Even if individual rooms are cancelled, LOBO will be required to pay the block guarantee. Additionally, if we were to cancel the entire event we would be obligated to all the conference expenses as well. Therefore, the Landing will not be cancelled and at the very least we hope everyone will be able to make it even if they are delayed a bit. We will do everything we can to accommodate those that may have a delayed arrival.

Currently, the long term forecast for Asheville is 40% rain on Tuesday, partly sunny on Wednesday, and full sun on Thursday.

Please monitor this thread for further updates.

See you soon,

... George