FAA Issues New AD For TSIO-550 Series

faa_logoThe FAA on Oct 14, 2016 issued its final rule on Docket No. FAA-2016-0069 which establishes AD 2016-21-04. The new AD applies to certain Continental Motors, Inc. TSIO-550-K, TSIOF-550-K, TSIO-550-C, TSIOF-550-D, and TSIO-550-N reciprocating engines.

Prompted by a report of an uncommanded in-flight engine shutdown resulting in injuries and significant airplane damage, the AD requires replacing the oil cooler cross fitting assembly. All AD-required action must be completed within 12 months or 100 flight hours after the effective date of Nov 18,2016. The FAA estimates compliance will cost up to $261 for parts and up to two hours labor per engine.

Click here to download the PDF.