Bob Wolstenholme's Secret Weapon

What beast lurks under that cowling?

The Air Races at Reno this year were as exciting as ever, and the Lancair community was again ably represented by the usual suspects including Ernie Sutter, Dave Morse, Vince Walker, David Sterling, Alan Crawford, Pete Zaccagnino, Lynn Farnsworth, Tom McNerney, Miguel Carrera and, of course, Bob Wolstenholme.

If one pays attention at Reno, there is always something new to see, and this year was no different. Bob Wolstenholme brought a "secret weapon" to tantalize the race junkies with.

We're not sure exactly what Bob has done to his sleek, blue Legacy, but the large NACA ducts on the upper cowl coupled with the muscular cheek bulges hint at a fire-breathing, turbocharged powerplant ready to tear up a few air molecules!

Those of you wondering how this blue bullet stacked up against the competition will have to wait 'til the 2013 races, because Number 88 (Bob calls her "Another Mistress") was there strictly for show this year.

Just because the mystery plane wasn't ready didn't mean Bob had to sit the race out. Instead, he took to the air in 199L, and finished a respectable second behind Ernie Sutter (right) flying Number 66, Jus Pass'n Thru. Ernie finished the course with a time just over 8:36, averaging just over 292 MPH.

Click here if you want more information about this year's Reno race results. If you want to know more about Bob's plane you'll have to ask him--he'll be at Sedona, from 28-30 Sep 2012 for the second annual LOBO/Lancair Fly-In!