An Update from Lancair

by mark huffstutler

The past few months have been quite interesting and active for the new Lancair International, as well as being very satisfying. My son Conrad and I stepped into ownership of the legendary company not knowing what kind of reception we would get, or if there would be any real business for us to capture. But all the angst and concern of the past has proven to be wasted energy. The Lancair community has accepted us with open arms and is favoring us with business that makes us smile. I can only speculate this relationship between Lancair and its flock will continue to flourish with time.

As I write this post, we have completed the move of company headquarters from Redmond, OR to Uvalde, TX, and eagerly await the containers of molds and fixtures from the Philippines. By the time Oshkosh rolls around the hangars and offices will be buzzing with the organized chaos borne of spinning up new designs, re-entering Lancair airframe production and supporting the existing fleet worldwide. While the basics of fielding aircraft kits and parts are the foundation of the business, we will be working with LOBO and industry partners to complete the package of affordable insurance, accessible training, knowledgeable and consistent maintenance providers and reuniting a close-knit fraternity of owners to facilitate the exchange of information and experiences.

We are excited to gather at Oshkosh and meet as many of you in the Lancair community as we can, as well as exhibit our exciting new product, the Lancair Mako, which will enter production by year end. We will have a large and welcoming display there and invite all to stop in and say hello. Following Oshkosh we will be in attendance at the 2017 LOBO/Lancair Landing in Santa Fe and as a competitor in the Sport Class at the Reno Air Races. Last, we are in the initial stages of planning a Spring 2018 flying exhibition of Lancairs that all can participate in.

My son Conrad and I invite you to stop into the new home of Lancair International to see what is going on and visit with us on your next trip through Texas.

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