Using Your Aircraft for LOBO-Approved Flight Training

As the Owner/Operator of an aircraft to be used in training, please provide these documents to the Lancair Owners and Builders Organization, Inc. LOBO must receive these documents a minimum of three business days before your flight.

1.  Contact your aircraft insurance agent or broker and instruct him/her to forward a certificate of your insurance to LOBO that:

a.  Names the following parties as Additional Insureds:

Lancair Owners and Builders Organization, Inc. its affiliates, officers, directors, employees, independent contractors, agents, insurers, successors, assigns and all other persons associated with the Lancair Owners and Builders Organization, Inc. (hereinafter sometimes referred to as “Lancair Owners and Builders Organization, Inc., et al.” or “LOBO, et al.”)

b.  Includes a Waiver of Subrogation against those named parties.

c. Includes this statement:

This insurance shall be primary and without any right of contribution from any other insurance available to LOBO, its affiliates, directors, officers, employees or agents.

2.  Email, fax or snail mail the certificate containing the above information to:

Lancair Owners and Builders Organization, Inc. Attn: Jeff Edwards 14301 Creve Coeur Airport Road, Suite N5 St. Louis, MO 63146 fax 314-682-0467 info [at]

3.  As Owner/Operator, please review the Hold Harmless Agreement. Your LOBO flight instructor will require you to sign and date an identical form on the day of your flight.

4.   Before arriving to fly with LOBO, please verify the aircraft is in compliance with FAR 91 Subpart E – Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance and Alterations, and is airworthy to include all equipment and inspection requirements as stated in the Federal Air Regulations. You must have your pilot’s certificate, a government issued photo ID and your FAA medical certificate on your person. The following items must be on board the aircraft:

- Airworthiness certificate and FAA approved operating limitations - Registration certificate - Pilot’s Operating Handbook (POH) - Weight and balance information

5.  Complete the LOBO Airspeed Worksheet with information applicable to the airplane to be flown.

6.  Be prepared to compute aircraft weight and balance and performance at the beginning of your session, unless previously accomplished (you may email your instructor for personal and equipment weight information beforehand).

Enjoy your training!

For questions/comments about this notice contact Jeff Edwards at j.edwards [at]