Member Locator Map Updates

MemberMapThe LOBO Member Locator Map has been updated—extensively. Click the link (or click on the map to the right) to see where more than 300 of your fellow LOBO members call home base, and to be sure we have your information posted correctly.

The LOBO Member Locator Map is under the MEMBERS tab, and available only to members that are current in payment of dues. If you can't access the Member Locator Map you should be prompted for any needed information.

Although we've updated the map with more than a hundred new members, we still need your help. There is almost no way to check the plotting accuracy of each LOBO member who elected to be shown on the map, so the first thing is to confirm that you are shown on or near your home airport. Note that if multiple Lancairs are based at an airport some are offset to the east or west. When I stacked them, it was not possible to distinguish who was on top, and you know what a mess that causes…not knowing who is on top, that is. Also, I've shown more than one location for those of you who operate out of multiple locations, and have shown a lucky few with multiple Lancairs—for those who asked.

Please check the contact information shown with your location/name. That's the only way other members can easily reach you. Some of you opted out of listing complete (or any) contact information when you elected to be shown on the map in 2013. That became almost impossible to manage, so new members are no longer given that option. If you elect to appear on the map the data will include your email and a phone number. We'll maintain the listing as shown (some without this data) unless you tell me to update/add information, but we will include on the map basic contact information, along with city of residence, for all new members (with their permission, of course).

We have also highlighted LOBO-qualified instructors with a gold star on the map. (Wish we had more!)

For comments/questions, or to update/correct your data on the map, contact Bob at r.pastusek [at]