Lancair Parking At AirVenture 2019

Park Your Lancair With All Its Lancair Friends!

by bob pastusek

We have arranged with the parking folks at AirVenture to allow arriving Lancairs to park near the Lancair Company booth in the North Display Area on a space-available basis. EAA has re-arranged the display area so we won't be able to park directly across from Lancair as in recent years, but here's what you need to do if you want to join us (reference to a Wittman Airport Diagram is helpful).

Review the AirVenture NOTAM carefully before you arrive, and bring along a copy—accessible in the cockpit—for review as needed; it's detailed and complex! In addition to making the specified cockpit display signs for Homebuilt parking (HBP) or Homebuilt Camping (HBC) and IFR/VFR departure, make a sign that says "PAPA-1."

After landing, display the paper HBP sign to get you started toward taxiway P-1 at the north end of runway 36L/18R. Then use the PAPA-1 sign to get to the taxiway. Show your HBP or HBC sign when you enter taxiway P-1. EVO's can make an additional sign that says "Hard Surface Parking" to display upon arriving at the entrance to taxiway P-1. This should get campers and EVOs (plus others requiring hard surface parking) to the west end of P-1.  All Lancairs not camping or requiring hard surface parking should plan to make a left turn off the paved taxiway after entering taxiway P-1; then clear the taxiway, shut down and get further directions to the "Lancair Area." (We've tried to pre-brief the parking crews in past years to taxi you to the right place, but it's just too much to expect of these young volunteers!) Expect to taxi or tow your airplane depending on the foot traffic at the time of your arrival.

Some guidelines that help us all: If you're not being directed to where you want to go, clear the active taxiway so others can bypass, shut down and explain what you want to do. It's dangerous to try to communicate with the engine running. The parking team will coordinate your ground movement to the desired location and likely assign a "follow-me" motorcycle to clear the way for you. Be patient, and careful; and PLEASE remember that you're talking to volunteers! This is far and away the best way to get from A to B with an airplane at Wittman during AirVenture! Give me a call on my cell phone and I'll do my best to advise the availability of parking in our planned area or the hardstand at the end of P-1. If parking gets tight near the Lancair booth you may need to park temporarily elsewhere until a space is available. 

Parking for most of us will be on the grass. It's pretty smooth but not perfect. I'd strongly recommend shutting down on one of the temporary grass taxiways (Please don't shut down on a hard-surface taxiway!) and pushing/towing your airplane where you want it. The long-range forecast says it likely will be a rainy week at AirVenture this year. If the ground is soft, a couple of ropes tied low on the main gear, and manned by the readily-available parking assistants will move a Lancair easily--even in mud. I plan to bring ropes as the newly-constructed north display area makes this a distinct possibility. You'll also need tie-down ropes and ground anchors as specified in the NOTAM.

NOTE: You won't be allowed to leave your airplane unless it is securely tied down!

CAUTION: Be sure your hydraulic system is pressurized any time you are towing your retractable-gear Lancair on the ground!

If you need help hauling your luggage from the airplane, call the Homebuilder's Welcome Wagon at (920) 230-7906. A small donation for their help is appropriate.

Your ability to park in a specific area is not guaranteed, but EAA has always found a place to park our beautiful Lancairs within the home-built parking area. If you don’t get the spot you want upon arrival, let me know by cell phone and we'll do our best to move you.

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