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Over on a popular Lancair information site I just read a post by the moderator about Lancair training.  

1. There is no requirement to be a LOBO member to use a LOBO named instructor.  That’s just a fact-period.

2. This site moderator claims they are open to a “full range” of training options, not a “sub-set of CFI’s”.

LOBO named CFI’s have been selected form the cream of the crop  please take a minute to review their resumes, (While the Director of Training and Safety I had them posted).  Does background and experience count for quality of training and a final product that is produced?  YOU BET IT DOES.  LOBO named instructors are the best in the business- Period.

The post implies that any CFI qualified in a Lancair is sufficient for his customers.  The very appearance that any flight instructor can give the required quality of instruction in a high performance Lancair boarders on dangerous.  Please read the upcoming article reviewing this data done by Jeff Edwards.  If you’re looking for the facts- there they are.

Along with developing the TRUST system, (originally brought to me by Bob P.), designating “lead instructors” per aircraft type, establishing levels of proven proficiency, and kickstarting the LIFT Academy,  I also designed a program that would research, recorded accidents and incidents in Lancair aircraft.  Once those numbers were complete, the data was cross-referenced to pilots that had received LOBO training, (I tasked Tom Sullivan with this segment of the program).  Then, I had the data independently researched by a separate source- Ron Wantaja.  After his work was complete, I turned to the foremost expert on Lancair safety to have any differences reconciled- The founder of LOBO- Jeff Edwards.

Jeff is currently in the process of writing an academic paper on this research, to be peer reviewed and published.  This was one of my proudest undertakings, but my name hasn’t been so much as mentioned by the LOBO BOD, and likely will not be.  Now you know “rest of the story”


Former LOBO Director of Safety and Training

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Your work with LOBO was excellent and very much appreciated by the entire BOD.

I am sorry if you do not feel we recognized that fact.

We did not want you to resign and without a replacement of your position, your work has therefore come to a standstill. Recently, I posted several open positions for the LOBO BOD’s of which your replacement is of the utmost importance. Please help us recruit a great candidate for Director of Safety & Training so we can push forward with the many initiatives we wish to accomplish as well as those you brought to LOBO. 


George Rosel, LOBO president

Hi All,

Hi All,

I am new to the Lancair community, but have been part of the experimental community for some time. I've been through the LOBO training, and it was excellent. I am also an active participant on the LancairTalk board. I'd like to thank the original poster for their information about LOBO training. If I may, I'd like to encourage everyone who posts to refrain from name calling or complaining about "some other Lancair forum." 

In the case of this post, the same information could have been provided in an informative, educational and positive way. No mention of the other forum needed to be made. Negativity and compelling readers to pick sides does not serve the Lancair community. We are too small to be divided. As a Lancair owner and maintainer I am going to leverage all of the resources available to me. I'm not going to pick sides. And I'm going to participate in the community I find most useful and welcoming. Nobody wants to hang out with the bitter guy/gal.

My $0.02. Thanks for reading. Oh, and the same goes for LOBO organization/board politics. I just here for the fun. I don't have time for nonsense. I want to focus on building, flying, and maintaining these great airplanes. 




Your critique is noted. 
I understand that you and many others “just want us all to be friends”. While that’s cute, this is a serious issue. Safety is as far away from “non-sense” as it gets. Let’s be clear, we’re talking about SAFETY. There is no room for mis-information here. This is serious business and I’ll make no apologies for my steadfast pursuit of safe flight operations. 
When the moderator of a high traffic, public forum spreads misinformation about the importance of high quality training, he is not on your side!  LOBO has done extensive, exhaustive research on training as it relates to accident history. We have proven without question the effect high quality training has in comparison to that which the other moderator is advocating. He is wrong. That’s a statistical fact. 
You took the best path in getting high quality training. Statistically, you are far less likely to have an accident than others that have followed his advice.  LOBO trained pilots have suffered 0 fatalities- FACT
Everyone should know that. If it makes you uncomfortable for me to call him out, well, sorry, but I will continue to advocate for safety in our fleet operations.