Newest LOBO Endorsed Flight Instructors


LOBO Is pleased to announce the addition of two highly qualified  people to the list of LOBO endorsed flight instructors:

Leonard "Sherman" Kearl, based in Delaware, OH, has over 5,200 hours in over 80 types of aircraft, both fixed wing and helicopters. His Air Force career included testing, flying and instructing in many aircraft including the F-15, F-16, and F-35, with over 170 hours of combat time. HIs two page resume includes such varied flight and instruction experience, it cannot all be listed here! He owns a Lancair IVP and a flight testing company called Phoenix Flight Test Services.

Mark Scharf, of Rosamond CA is also a Lancair IVP owner with over 9500 PIC hours. He served in the USAF, flying as an instructor pilot in the T-37 and F-15. He also flew the F-16 as a mission ready combat pilot. In addition to his Air Force instructor pilot positions, Mark's flight instruction experience also includes many hours of general aviation instruction. He currently is a 737 Captain at United Airlines, based in Los Angeles. In addition to his Lancair, he owns a Piper Twin Comanche, Piper Archer II, and is restoring a 1953 Piper Tripacer which belonged to his father.

Each one of LOBO's endorsed instructors has extensive flight experience and flight instruction experience in Lancairs. We welcome these two new instructors and hope our members take advantage of their skills. You can find the complete list of qualified flight instructors HERE


Sherman and Mark- Welcome

Sherman and Mark- Welcome aboard!  You’re both highly qualified and come very highly recommended. You’ve paid the price with mountains of experience and will, no doubt, make huge contributions to the continuing outstanding safety record of LOBO Trained pilots. Keep the bar high guys, and welcome aboard!

All, please let me know what

All, please let me know what the qualifications are to become a LOBO instructor. We need more Lancair instructors as that is a current barrier to entry. Last I counted, there are only 14 LOBO IPs listed on the website (2 more, congrats gents!). I'm a CFI/II and current AF evaluator pilot. I'm happy to help out, just need to know the entry requirements. I'm also the dude who built the Mooneyspace Safety forum when I owned Mooney aircraft, so I'm all about building a robust safety culture.

Give me a call at 314-308

Give me a call at 314-308-6719 c .... I have trained many of our newer instructors.

Best regards,

Jeff Edwards

You are right on all of your

You are right on all of your points. Please contact George Rosel about becoming a LOBO instructor!


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Glad we were able to talk via phone. Per our discussion, please get me your resume when able and we will move forward as soon as possible. We very much need great instructors with your credentials.

Talk soon,

... George

Thanks George! I'll email it

Thanks George! I'll email it today. Work got the best of me last week. I also enjoyed our phone chat. 


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Hi Fellas,

Hi Fellas,

I’m buying a 360 and need to pursue training and insurance, any assistance would be greatly appreciated, especially Texas or Arizona.

Buzz Hale

775 338 3228 


Contact Ernie Sutter.. he is

Contact Ernie Sutter.. he is in Houston and his contact is on this website. I believe he owns a 360.

Congrats to the new Lobo

Congrats to the new Lobo instructors! It is a huge need! Looking forward to recommending Sherman and Mark!