Uvalde - May 24, 2022


As the whole world is now aware, the City of Uvalde was irrevocably changed at 11:32 am Tuesday May 24th by the senseless act of a lost soul. Fortunately, none of the team at Lancair International lost a child in this horrific event although we all know the victims and their families through relatives and relationships we have. To say our community of 20,000 has been shaken to the core is a gross understatement however we will get through this and once again smile. It has been heartwarming to hear from so many of the Lancair community in this aftermath and the outpouring of support is truly breathtaking. It is almost impossible to thank each and everyone of you personally but please know that your thoughts and caring prayers are needed and deeply appreciated. We have posted a link on our website for those that want to help - www.lancair.com. We hear people say that "God has a plan" and while it is so hard to understand what that might be, the faithful know we have to trust Him.

Thank You Mark for this

Thank You Mark for this response. I was to worried to inquire and after Roxanne's warm response the other day essentially sick with the "what if's."

Steve Allen