Overheating oil when I run pressurization


Recent owner of Lancair IV_P. Plane has been great so far but I've had a problem with my oil temperature rapidly climbing when the plane is pressurized. The oil temp stays at 170-175 when I don't use it. I was too excited about the plane and spent only a few minutes with the owner in California who basically never ran it that way. Should have spent more time on the pre-buy. Anyhoo, would love any expertise on the subject as I'm beyond my technical capabilities as an owner. I live in Colorado Springs so the pressurization is a touch more important than in Los Angeles. Looking forward to getting to know the Lancair community. 


Thank you.




Those systems are in no way related, and one shouldn’t have any effect on the other. This sounds like an oil temp sensor or wiring problem to me.

It would be helpful to know

It would be helpful to know the steps that you take to fly the aircraft pressurized vs non pressurized. As JC said the systems are entirely unrelated, however, the levers for pressurization and oil cooler door are the same type in many aircraft. Is there any chance of a mislabeling in your aircraft?