I love my IV-PT


This is simply the finest personal aircraft I’ve ever flown. And flown properly, it is very safe. That is all. 


That is a beauty for sure. I

That is a beauty for sure. I am finishing my build of a IV-PT with a Walters 601-D. I have pieced together a poh but would really like to know what you have used. Will post photos next time. Will also need a proficient CFI for this aircraft as I will be transitioning from a 350hp Legacy. Regards,


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First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on completing your IV-PT!! As Jeff Edison advises, they are truly outstanding airplanes, and will give you a LOT of pleasure...and satisfaction...as an exceptional traveling machine.

As to a POH, the best ones have been built upon the work of several builders. I don't have a soft copy (after my computer crash), but several IV-PT owners have good ones. (LOBO Members: If you have one to share, please pass it along!!)  Take what's offered and tailor it to your specific aircraft...

You may want to also consider two FAA/EAA programs that LOBO has advocated and helped with over the years: AC 90-116, Second Pilot, and the EAA Flight Test Program. AC 90-116 offers the opportunity to participate in the flight test of your new airplane, and we highly recommend you consider this. We have not had a loss or serious accident within the Lancair fleet by anyone using this program, and it will speed and enhance your learning about your new ride. See details on the FAA web site.

The EAA Flight Test Program is a methodical, systematic way to safely test your aircraft, whether you do it yourself, partner with a professional (AC90-116), or have someone else do it.  It will also result in the collection of data required to populate the above POH with information specific to your airplane...again, highly recommended by LOBO!

I'd be pleased to talk to you about any of this...just give me a call...

Bob Pastusek, LOBO Secretary, 757-286-4802

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PS: I forgot to note that

PS: I forgot to note that AC90-116 specifically precludes testing of turbine-powered experimentals, but we (LOBO) have been able to obtain a waiver to this requirement from the FAA for testing IV-PTs under AC90-116. Please let me know if you'd be interested in pursuing this.


For sure I am interested and

For sure I am interested and also will be seeking lobo certified cfii during my new adventure with this aircraft....don't want to become a statistic


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One more thing: There are

One more thing: There are very few Lancairs still under construction, so the number of instructors and test pilots who conduct flight test are limited, but a good place to start is the list of IV-PT-qualified LOBO-designated instructors listed under "Find an Instructor" on the LOBO Website: www.lancairowners.com.

Again,  GOOD LUCK, and call me if questions

Bob Pastusek



Beautiful airplane Jeff!

I've just written and undertaken a first-flight / Phase 1 test plan for a different type, and most of the principles would transfer well. I used the EAA flight test program as a template, and found it very useful to help organize considerations. Like Jeff, I too LOVE my IV-PT. I've had it about a year now and have put about 250 hours on it, which is accruing at a faster rate than the 300 hours I put on my first Lancair, which was a IV-P. I'm a flight-tester by trade, and I collect data nearly every time I fly it. I don't have a POH, per se, other than the standard Lancair POH, but I have put together a decent checklist that I'm willing to share, along with a ton of performance data. If interested in methodology or checklist gouge, please let me know.

Cheers, Sherman

Sherman, Im definitely

Sherman, Im definitely interested in the performance data and would love to compare checklists. I’m on version 7 of my checklists and it seems tweaked about right (for me). I also collect data every flight, but it’s a balance to not completely irritate my wife because she’s my note-taker. 
Dave Souza

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Jughead, I've sent you an

Jughead, I've sent you an email offline. Please let me know if you got it.

Hi Sherman

Hi Sherman

I too am VERY interested in data

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I’m also very interested in

I’m also very interested in checklists and data. I just bought 750CG (IV-PT) and will be starting training in July after it has a few things done to it. Mark Cytrynbaum (mark [at] oldvine.net) 303-520-3229.

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Hello Gang,

Hello Gang,

I just finished my annual recurrent training in my Lancair 4P-T yesterday. The LOBO endorsed instructor was absolutely fantastic and probably the best I have experienced since my first flight in 2006. Just like most of you on this post, it made me appreciate and love my turbine even more! What a great and capable airplane. I learned many new tricks and techniques in the last two days. I can't wait for my next trip.

I want to say thanks again to all our LOBO endorsed instructors for their dedication and sacrifice. We are very proud and honored to have them. We must remember that LOBO endorsed instructor training is not their primary job and in most cases they are probably loosing money from what their regular job pays.

Recently, I have been receiving many calls from frustrated LOBO members needing instruction when they are unable to secure an instructor. Please know  LOBO is always accepting applications. Those applying must understand the LOBO BOD's minimum requirements are a CFII certificate with at least 125-150 hours in type.Then the vetting process begins by the LOBO BOD. Your local C-172 instructor with 250 hrs TT will probably not be eligible. More and more insurance underwriters are requiring specific instructor programs such as LOBO's for our special airplanes. Our LOBO endorsed instructors all train to an approved FAA/FITS standardized training syllabus for that Lancair model.  

Also, I kindly ask if you are one of our endorsed instructors receiving these calls, please always respond asap, ...even if you are not available... Please, do not leave then hanging with a... "No response". We need more instructors and any help from our membership is much appreciated.

... George Rosel, LOBO President

Sounds great. As someone

Sounds great. As someone finishing my 4p turbine I am so pleased to hear others enjoy this airplane. Would really like to have offline discussion as well. Please let me know if this is possible


Hi Adam,  I'm game for any

Hi Adam,  I'm game for any/all IVPT discussions.  Covid even taught me how to use Zoom/Teams there's always that option too.  Been emailing Sherman back and forth sharing info. 



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