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Recently, and given a push by significant tailwinds, I flew N754RP from Falcon Field, AZ (KFFZ) to Tyler Pounds Field, TX (KTYR), 849nm in 3:57. During the last half of that flight, however, I heard strange noises coming from the landing gear hydraulic pump and I observed hydraulic pressure fluctuating and dropping. I ended up doing the gear blow-down procedure to get into KTYR.  An AP had previously replaced the reservoir for the hydraulic pump and double-checked the connectors and hydraulic lines for leaks. Despite our efforts, clearly there was still a leak somewhere in the system.

After much testing and experimenting, we have identified the problem: the actuator cylinder for the left main gear door seeps (and sometimes mildly surges) hydraulic fluid.  The original manufacturer is Aro-Tek out of Pacific, WA. According to online information, however, Aro-Tek has gone from making parts for experimental airplanes to making modification parts for Glock pistols--not helpful for my particular situation.

I contacted Lancair in Uvalde, TX last week and was sent what I now know is the incorrect hydraulic rebuild kit. The correct part number for the main landing gear door actuator cylinder is "HC-03", from Bin #00B3. 

Does anyone know where I can obtain a new main landing gear door actuator cylinder or rebuild kit, or both?  

Thank you for your counsel in advance.   

T.W. Davidson, 903 520-6621


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I'm waiting on the return of the HC-4787 which is used on newer Legacy Builds. We do have a rebuild kit, as I mentioned on our phone call. The correct Seal kit you need is an HC-06. Which we can provided once we receive your return. Give me a call or send me an email. I'll be happy to help as always.