G-1000 NXI up-grade


I have been talking to a friend of mine, who is also a Garmin Dealer, about upgrading the G-900 to a G-1000NXI.  He has told me he cannot do this because of the software . He is willing to bring this up with Garmin, but the strength is in numbers.  How many owners would look at doing this?  At this time the cost is just a ruff est. at 50k.  Please let me know if you are

Jerry Fletcher

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I will tell you from

I will tell you from experience that simply upgrading the units from G1000 to G1000NXI  in Diamond aircraft is quite involved.  Here is a list of items from them and note that it is regards to Diamond aircraft in that Garmin writes the software, then each mfg writes additional code for features that are on their aircraft, then FAA blesses it, and then it is pushed to service centers to do the upgrades. I know there are steps excluded for experimental.  Just showing its much more involved then what most of us realize...



  • Same processor and hardware from 2004 - 2016
  • Software versions begin with year introduced
    • Ex. Version 9.x in 2009 or 12.xx year 2012
  • Needed more memory and better processors
  • WAAS units used GIA63W
  • Databases stored on SD cards



  • 2017introduction
  • 100 times faster processors
  • Did originally use some 63Ws
  • Now Use GIA64Ws
  • Don’t require SD cards to store databases
  • GMA1360 audio panels replaced GMA1347s
    • 3D audio
    • Bluetooth
  • Phase II
    • Certified March of 2020
    • Newer GIAs
    • Newer GMA
    • Newer GEA71 interfaces
    • Requires 2 GIA64Ws
    • Requires GEA71B
    • Requires GMA1360 Audio panel
    • Can add flight stream 510
    • Animation of weather on screens
    • Split Screen for charts and flight plan
    • Automatically puts radar in standby on power up of avionics
  • Future upgrades
    • Visual approaches
    • Surface Watch for taxiing
    • Newer ADSB-In products



I asked Trek Lawler at Garmin if they had plans on allowing us to upgrade our G900X to NXi and he said no with no explanation. I'm wondering if we should get with EAA and compile the largest list of G900X owners possible and lobby Garmin?



Thanks for your help, I also ask Garmin, though a dealer about the upgrade and they are not interested at all. I have also ask my dealer friend about an upgrade to a 3X, I have installed a 3X in another aircraft myself and and I think it is the best long term solution. If you are interested I will let you know what I do and the cost.