Which magneto?


Overhauling TSIO-550-E

New Slicks or overhauled Bendix? 
(assuming both are available for this engine)

PS I have a electronic ignition but for now, going with mags.

Generally I prefer mags that can be repaired in future.

 Thanks for opinions.

Whoa.  The TCDS only lists

Whoa.  The TCDS only lists Slicks.  Unless I am missing something.

"Note 10. The following magnetos are suitable for use on these engines.
Continental/TCM S6RSC-25P or Slick Champion 6220 or 6320 pressurized with appropriate pressurization system and ignition harness available for TSIO-550-A, B, C, E, G, K and N models.
Continental S6RSC-25 un-pressurized magnetos with Continental ignition harness is the only ignition system approved for the TSIO-550-J engine model."


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I've successfully run Slicks on N437RP, my IV-P with a TSIO-550E, for 2500 hours since 2008. I overhauled the original set myself at 900 hours and replaced them at about 1300 hours. I had the current set overhauled by a local shop at 2200 hours two years ago. 
I always intended to replace the Slicks w electronic ignition when it became available for the TSIO-550, but when I found that all currently available have fixed timing, I lost some enthusiasm for changing. 
My engine starts reliably hot or cold, and runs smoothly past 100 degrees LOP,