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Lancair IV


It looks like a replacement engine may be in my future so I am gathering needed parts.

I know there have been past discussions on which isolators fit/dont fit; last longest; cost more/less - but I think that’s been a while, so I thought I’d try for the freshest info.


Pics of my old ones (850hrs/25 yrs old), for reference


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I switched to Lord mounts a

I switched to Lord mounts a couple years ago chasing vibration issues. The Lord mounts helped but were not the magic pill I was hoping for. The Barry mounts are much cheaper and work, just the Lord work better. 

Lancairmikees, did you use

Lancairmikees, did you use the same mount in all 4 points or were they different? What issues did you still have with them?

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I followed the article from

I followed the article from 2017 referenced below. I have no issues with the mounts. After the initial sag, they are holding fine and see a bit less vibration in the plane. 

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At that age, your isolators are definitely candidates for replacement!

The latest info on this that I'm aware of was posted by Adam Molny on the LOBO website,, under ARTICLES. These are posted by date; scroll down to 4/26/2017. Adam's article is linked to Steve Colwell's and my earlier articles (2/15/2015). As part of the testing referenced in these articles I installed the LORD mounts specified, and although I didn't think I had a vibration issue, the LORD mounts were measurably smoother in climb and cruise flight (TSIO-550E/MT 4-blade counterweighted prop; operated at WOT for climb and 2300 RPM/55% power/15.4GPH for cruise).

I think you'd be pleased with the LORD isolators I used, but you might want to write to Sue_Cermak [at], or Thomas_Law [at] to get their latest recommendations... They will want to know your aircraft/engine/prop combination... I've not talked to them in years, but found them most helpful in the past!!

Call if questions!

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If I go with Barry Controls

If I go with Barry Controls engine mounts, can anyone confirm these to be the latest recommended PNs?
Are these the Hi Temp version?


Can't seem to make contact with either Lord or Barry.
All the online references (ie Aircraft Spruce) for crossreferenced part numbers seem like older documents
PS the Lords are over $1000 for only two of the required four (ASSCo does not carry the other two Lords so I don't know their price.)

I have a complete TSIO-55-E w

I have a complete TSIO-55-E w 565TT, 0 since tear down and inspection at Continental, all accessories, engine mounts, 0 time four blade MT prop, etc just removed from IV-P.  Let me know if this would be of interest.