Duke’s fuel pump


Having isssues with my IVP 

starting has become a problem, have to use high boost to get if going. I assume is the fuel pump.

please advise. Thanks.

I just went through this with

I just went through this with my ESP.  My serial number is different and high boost perimeters are a little different.   What I found is, that after 2 weeks of searching, these are difficult to find and expensive.

I could not find a Duke that matched my perimeters or SN.  I did find a replacement for a Cirus from Weldon.  It just arrived.  Same perimater numbers,  exact same pump.  I believe it was $1400.  Aircraft Accessories of OK. 918 835-9924.  They are very helpful with information. 

I do not think you can rebuild these in most garages.  I took mine apart as far as I had tools to go and couldn't get into the pump.  Mine was leaking.   I cleaned out all the fuel residue and put it back together and it quit leaking.   It is still 12 years old so I am replacing it anyway. 

I spoke to a dozen aircraft specialist from mechanics to suppliers and can give more info if you like. 


To better understand your

To better understand your engine trouble, what sort of engine instrumentation do you have?  Do you have fuel flow and fuel pressure?  If you have fuel flow, is it a pressure type, which actually measures the pressure at the flow divider, or the inline flow wheel?  If you have fuel pressure, where is it measured?  It sounds like your electric two-speed pump is operating or you would not be able to start the engine, particularly when cold.  Assuming your engine is a Continental, the engine driven fuel pump is a vane type driven directly off the crankshaft and is usually very reliable, yet I have seen them wear to the point of becoming inconsistent in their fuel delivery, particularly near idle.

There is a significant possibility that the starting difficulty is caused by an air induction leak, not a fuel delivery problem.  I suggest you make a visual inspection of all the rubber hose couplers and hose clamps that connect the induction tubes together, as they are prone to slipping out of position if under torqued, especially on the turbocharged engines.  Also check the security of the induction tubes where they meet the cylinder head and are secured by three fasteners…Jeff N.

My two speed DUKE pump needs

My two speed DUKE pump needs to be rebuilt and I am looking for a person who can do this at a reasonable rat.  My friend with a Glassair III had his rebuilt 3 years ago for 340 dollars and the cheapest I can find now is 900 and change. If you know anyone who can rebuild my pump at a fair rate, I would be interested.  Thank you


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I would recommend Aeromotors,

I would recommend Aeromotors, LLC - (608)-966-3141.  I have not had our Lancair pump repaired, but they did one for a Columbia 300 that I was once a partner in.  Easy folks to deal with and are very familiar with the Dukes product.

Ed Smith

Chesapeake, VA