Garmin G3X


Any body install G3X touch in IVPT? Specifically could use advice on engine transducer configuration 


Doug Owen





I installed a dual G3X touch screen system in my IVPT.  Not sure what you mean by transducer configuration?  You looking for their location on the engine, the specific transducer part numbers or something else?

I installed "T-blocks" on the aft area of my intake plenum for my oil pressure and torque transducers so I could install separate transducers for the G3X and the VRD.  I also installed two fuel pressure transducers on the header tank for the same purpose.  On the RPM's (N1) Aerotronics (my panel supplier) gave me a solution but I can't remember at this time if it was programming the G3X to specific "copy" settings off the VRD or with some kind of adapter to "read" the main tach generator that feeds the VRD.  Mauritz would likely know the answer to that since he's building panels with the G3X and his VRD.

Tom Sullivan

I also installed G3x Touch, I

I also installed G3x Touch, I purchased a tach gen converter from Mauritz to enable the GEA 24 to read the N1 and N2.
All other sensors could be directly handled in the G3x.

Definitely interested in how

Definitely interested in how it works out Douglas.  I have been studying and building (on paper) a list of items for my IV-PT panel upgrade. The G3X install manual does a decent job of listing out the different compatible sensors and how to connect them through the GEA24 to the G3X.