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Hello LOBO Live members!

Brad @ Garmin Experimental Aviation here. I've had the pleasure of meeting many of you at the LOBO events in the last few years, and hope to continue that tradition. I wanted to address some questions that have caused a stir recently regarding the TSO certified avionics (GTN/GNC/GTX units) in your aircraft.

It was reported on forum 'other' that an 8130 form comes with each new TSO unit from the Garmin factory and should be provided to the owner. This is not the case. While a dealer has the option to receive an 8130 form with a brand-new Garmin TSO unit, it is not a requirement for US based dealers or installations. Units shipped internationally (Canadian dealers), will typically have an 8130 form included for local regulatory requirements for certificated aircraft installs.

What is shipped with new TSO units are Certificates of Compliance that state the unit meets all TSO requirements and regulations. The CofC is usually passed on with the documentation to the owner of the aircraft.

In order to receive an 8130 form for your TSO unit, it would need to be sent to Garmin, inspected/tested, and recertified. This is no different than any other certified component in your aircraft (the crankshaft in your newly rebuilt engine, for example). The 8130 simply states the unit at some point in the past has been tested by an FAA authorized facility (Garmin) and found to still meet TSO specifications and performance requirements. 

There are also claims (on forum 'other') of avionics margin levels, projected price increases, supply chain details, etc, that are egregious and not based on true or accurate information - it is only meant to cause a broker buying stir. Of course Garmin has experienced cost and supply chain disruptions in the last year - just as all other manufacturing industries have - and we continue to work diligently to keep production lines moving with the least amount of cost disruption to the consumer. Making these specific of claims, with information not held, to cause urgent buying within the community, is irresponsible. 

I would have liked to have the opportunity to explain these points in detail, but like many members here my opinion interferes with an agenda and therefore my account was inactivated. I only want to provide the best (and accurate) information that I can to this great group of aviation enthusiasts. 


Brad @ Garmin




HI Brad

HI Brad

Thank you very much for contributing to LOBOLive. It has been the hope of the LOBO board that our business contributors use this forum as a place to communicate important information to our members.

Really appreciate you setting the record straight from Garmin's perspective.

Sandy Gainza



Thanks for the personal phone call and clarification of the TRUE STORY on 8130’s for GTN Garmin Radios in the U.S.  It’s unfortunate some forums are run with ulterior motives outside of getting ACCURATE and FACTUAL information to the membership, and then actually don’t allow this very information to be available to the forum members to be posted for the members to sort through the misinformation and decide for themselves who’s supplying truth and accuracy.  We look forward to valuable feedback from the top aviation avionics supplier as we move forward!

Tom Sullivan