WMI Strut Spherical Bearings



One of my bearings is making a groaning sound and that transmits through the airframe on tight turns. Can you lubricate these? It won't be easy squirting a bunch of LPS2 and expecting it to penetrate 

Next: does anyone have a real part number that I can order these from Aircraft Spruce. This is the old part number from Lancair: COM8T-30.

Thank you

I have found over the years

I have found over the years of sourcing parts, that Lancair often used the original manufacturer's part number as the Lancair part number.  Or, some combo of manufacturer name and their part number.  A Google search often gets you on the right track..

I have given up trying to get parts from Lancair even though I would like to support them.  they are not responsive IMO.






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Mr. Gordon,

Mr. Gordon,

I'm sorry you haven't been able to get in contact with anyone at Lancair. 

I have some on order that will be here in the next couple of weeks. Please give me a call 830-333-1495 I will be glad to help.

Thank you,