WMI Strut Servicing



Does anyone know of any procedures for servicing the WMI strut for the Legacy? I've found servicing instructions for the old ESCO strut, but not for the WMI. I have heard that the strut has to be in a certain position before adding oil, but not sure what that position is or if this is, in fact, true.

I just started having some shimmy when braking in the 45-35 kt range when landing. If I don't need to brake (just roll out to below 35kt) then there is no shimmy. So guessing the shimmy occurs when strut is compressed due to braking. So, I thought I'd service the strut, but cannot find any procedures to do so.



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I would check your brake

I would check your brake rotors for any warpage first. Also, make sure all your main gear structure is tight.