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Hello all,

My ES currently has three separate tumbler locks. Two different ones for the baggage door (front holds the key when it is unlocked - I like that feature), and the third is for the door. The door lock is INOP and before I replace it, I’d like to see what others have. I’d like to go remote lock/unlock for the door like newer certified aircraft, but not sure if someone’s done that on their Lancair. 

If that’s not an option, are there folk just using one type of tumbler lock for their planes, or is my setup the best way? It seems a bit overkill to carry so many keys for the aircraft. I’m open to suggestions and thanks in advance!


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I have the same three locks on our IV. That's the standard "by the book" build. One key, however, operates all three locks. If this is not the case in your airplane, I'm sure that a competent locksmith could rework the locks so that one key fits all three locks.


Bill, thanks for that info.

Bill, thanks for that info. My airplane requires one key for each lock. I'll call a locksmith and see what they can do.

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Most of the IV's and ES's we

Most of the IV's and ES's we have done use a remote release from inside the cabin.  The most elegant I have seen is a pushbutton on the entrance door lower sill.  This controls two latches at the bottom of the cargo door.

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The baggage door release on

The baggage door release on the entry door sill  is indeed an elegant solution.  Until the cable works it’s way loose and the baggage door is stuck closed.  (Full of frozen food on a run to our remote vacation cabin.)   Mine now has been retrofitted with barrel key locks like the entry door.

Joe Bartels had the

Joe Bartels had the cosmetically beautiful remotely actuated baggage door latches. His failed in flight, came open, and his airplane cover flew out and got caught on the tail.  He said the airplane shook so violently he thought it was coming apart and he was about to die ….. then it blew off.  That convinced me to stick with the standard locks

Like everything else, this

Like everything else, this item is a maintenance-necessary part of your plane. I have probably installed 50 sets over the years. They should be a listed item on your inspection checklist. With proper set-up and care, they typically preform flawlessly. However, on more than one occasion over they years, I have taken a 6" hole saw and punched a hole through the door or the baggage floor to facilitate the repair of a broken one...