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Hey Guys,

I recently did an Lancair Aircraft Insurance Guide for 2022 estimating rates for each type of operation and actual quotes we have been providing Lancair/ Evolution clients. We work with a number of brokers when their clients are taking delivery. So far in 2022 we have seen rates for "renewal" relatively flat, as compared to 2021. There's also been a lot of discussion about additional carriers entering the Lancair insurance market.

An easy way to estimate or visualize the premium for a Lancair/ Evolution Aircraft is: 2.5%, 3%, 4% and sometimes in excess of 5%.

  • 2% of the hull value for experienced pilots, no dry leases or fractional, pleasure & business operations by an owner pilot.
  • 3% of the hull value for experienced pilots, with fractional ownership and more than 3 named pilots
  • 4% of the hull value for less experienced pilots with less than 600 Total Time and new to Lancair
  • 5% or 6% of the hull value for some Evolutions pilots with less than 750 Total Time and new to the Evolution

Hope this helps!

Ben Peterson

Not shopping right now (IV

Not shopping right now (IV will be ready to fly in about 12 mos), but curious:   "Lancair IV Owner Pilot Experienced" vs "Inexperienced"    Does this mean experienced in the IV, or experienced in general?  (I'll have to transition train into the IV, but flew 1500 hrs previously, instrument rated, mostly CIrrus SR22 TN)   Are there discounts with LOBO training programs, etc?

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Hi Peter,

Hi Peter,

Very Experienced would mean over 1,500 Total Time and 250 in Make and Model.

Experienced would be 1,000 Total Time and New to Make and Model.

It's more of a general guideline.

Thanks.  I'll definitely be

Thanks.  I'll definitely be in the "experienced", but not "very" until I get a couple hundred hours in a IV/IV-P.  I'll let you know.

It appears that rule of thumb

It appears that rule of thumb applies to a fully insured aircraft.

I can attest that for some Lancair models, rates start at more than $14,000.00 annually for liability-only for those that would be considered "experienced" pilots.

It seems that insurance, for

It seems that insurance, for all practical purposes, is out of reach for most of us. I'm curious what percentage of Lancair pilots in the entire Lancair fleet(all makes and models) self-insure? The data isn't of any practical value other than idle chat or a Trivial Pursuit question, but it might make the self-insurers feel a bit more comfortable knowing that they have company.

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Thank you for the effort in

Thank you for the effort in research.  What have you found for liability rates?  It seems to vary widely.

Thank you,