Nitrogen Charge Legacy Landing Gear


Hello - I have a 13year Legacy project nearing completion and need to top up the nitrogen charge on all of the WMI landing gear struts.  I found a nose gear servicing procedure in the forum topics which gives an inflation pressure of 250+/-25 psi but no luck for the main gear struts.  Any help would be appreciated.

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Greg - also 250 +/- psi;

Greg - also 250 +/- psi; however, I know several who take it to 300+ psi as they feel 250 is too soft.

Hi Greg, On the nose gear,

Hi Greg, On the nose gear, that sounds about right - make sure it's no more than about 2 2/4" extended otherwise the locking slot will engage.  For the mains, on my airplane, it's more like 425 PSI, which gives an extension of about 5".  Could be a bit more or less depending on your CG, weight, personal preference...