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Let me introduce myself.  I am a builder and owner of a Vans RV7 based in Akron Ohio (AKR).  Single engine turboprop aircraft have always interested me and Ive had my eye on the Lancair jetprop for a while. I have no jetprop time.  At 61, it's either now or never to experience a turboprop.  I realize this is a "pocket rocket" and way faster than I am at the moment.  So, if any experienced jetprop owners out there are interested in flying with me, it would be a real honor and a blast!  I'm happy with as little or as much hands-on as you are comfortable with. Yes, I can pay to play.  I have 3300+ TT mostly single-engine, 500 multi-engine 30 years ago.  ATP, CFI, CFII MEI.  I think my contact info is visible in the profile.

Tim Boger


Hi Tim,

Hi Tim,

I have a IVPT at Fulton.  Happy to show,  text/call me -3302898379.

Hassan Malik